Week 18's Analysis is out at Tradingview!

EURUSD - H1 Chart

EURUSD - H1 Chart

After trading for Week 17, it is now time for me to upload my weekly analysis. It is currently available here.

This is the free version of my weekly analysis and you can look into the premium report that I make every weekend if you want to see the entry and exits of my analysis.

I will usually do my homework after every trading week to review what happened in the market and to ensure myself getting the pulse of the market so I can have a general outlook of the market for the coming trading week.

I would say analysis like this is very important, there are numerous benefits to conducting your analysis and also reading analysis that others have posted. When you review your trades made in the market, you are seeing your success and your failures.

You can see where you have went wrong, and you can see what you have done right. Continuous reflection of your actions can lead to great improvement over time.

These improvements that you might make in the future, comes in small step. With each small improvement you make, it helps you to make the next.

Have a profitable Week 19!