What is the WPFMA about?

The WFPMA is also known as Weekly Premium Forex Market Analysis is a professional report consisting the weekly analysis conducted on the 4 Forex pairs, namely, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY.

What is WPFMA? 

It is a report to assist traders to get a good sense of the general Forex market direction related to the 4 Forex pairs. In addition, in the report I will reveal the entry points that would have been ideal for traders. It is to train and let the traders get comfortable to trade them in future when they come across such patterns again.  

What the WPFMA is NOT

The WFPMA is not a crystal ball, it cannot predict and it is not to be followed blindly. The WFPMA does not try to predict the market, but rather, just to give a good sense of the general direction of the Forex market in relationship to the 4 Forex pairs. 

Traders looking for a 100% outcome through the WPFMA would be utterly disapppointed. Even though my analysis guided me through countless weeks of Forex trading with great success, it should not be followed blindly.  

The market is fluid and full of unknowns, so expect some uncertainty.  

The Result

What I hope to achieve is for traders to be profitable and to also corroborate and supplment their research materials and to contribute to their trade plan. 

Traders can also rely on the WPFMA to make trade decision but always be cautious of market movement because no reports or indicators can achieve 100% accuracy. 

If there is anyone or company who promises results that seem too good to he true, then it probably is.