FXPrimus Gala Dinner 2019

Last week I attended the gala dinner of FXPrimus that happened at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a big event of about 500 guests and I am fortunate to be one of the attendee with my wife.

me standing outside of the ballroom =)

me standing outside of the ballroom =)

With the usual entertainment and good food, FXPrimus unveiled their upcoming plan to continue making them a preferred choice among traders.  

Upcoming Changes

FXPrimus would be partnering an university in Switzerland to provide continuous education for traders. The details were not revealed during the Dinner, but they would be releasing more information in the coming months.  

FXPrimus unveiled their partnership with The Nest in Malaysia, to provide partnera of FXPrimus an avenue for them to host seminars. While this will not benefit me, I thought it is a good sign of strong support for partners of FXPrimus.  

FXPrimus also shared their plans to revamp the website and an upcoming app. All looks good for FXPrimus and I hope they continue their good work into 2019.  

You can know more about them and create a free account for yourself here